Art seekers

Ugo Foscolo called Reggio the ‘inspiring city of Italy’ and its local inhabitants ‘first free Italian citizens’. And indeed, there is a lot of beauty to be discovered. For those who seek inspiration from the arts, we have a couple of suggestions. If you want to know more about Reggio Emilia, you might want to […]

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Cold or hot

With a temperature forecast of 10 to 20 degrees Celsius, please do not expect to find summer in Italy yet! This is the Po river’s plane, not Sicily, where the bride is proud to be from! It is wise to dress accordingly. The season is known to be ‘unstable’ and unpredictable: a lot like Roberta […]

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Sunday sunset

Reggio Emilia is famous for its Parmesan cheese and Lambrusco wines, as Renzo reminded us in our whatsapp list (unfortunately only to those who speak the native dialect!). You are all invited to our Sunday sunset tasting. Sunday late afternoon at 7 pm, enjoying the sunset over the fields of the countryside in Roncadella and watching the storcks […]

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Friday night drink

The Friday night ape-cena at Caffè Artè is the meet and greet for all our friends, the perfect starter for the main course the following morning. We have reserved a cosy place on April 1 (no joke!) for an aperi-cena. We’ll meet you at 7 pm in Caffè Artè, Via Battaglione Toscano, but if you are late […]

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Gourmand shopping

Shopping is not only looking for long lasting luxurious goods. You are in the heart of one of the most famous Italian regions for its cuisine’s tradition. Reggio is in fact praised for the extraordinary culinary delights. So another thing you might want to consider is go and do some gourmand shopping Tigelle, gnocco fritto, cappelletti, […]

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‘Royal’ shopping

Reggio Emilia (in Latin ‘Regium’ means ‘Royal’) is the beating heart of the Max Mara Fashion Group, thus making the city a very sensitive place for all that is fashion, and art in general. The shopping takes place primarily within the Roman city walls. Pretend your luggage got lost, and you need a little robe to […]

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April 2nd 2016, Roberta and Adrian will get married in Reggio Emilia. Don’t expect a ‘Big Italian Marriage’, but more a cosy and intimate ceremony, followed by an informal lunch. We would like to share this moment with the people who are dearest to us. The wedding ceremony will take place at 12 PM in […]

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